Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Longest Yard Sale

At the beginning of August our vacation started in Savannah, GA. From there we went to Asheville, NC to visit some awesome galleries and art studios and then on to Tennessee where we picked up the yard sale trail.

The first couple of sales we went to were side by side. We didn't find anything. The weather looked like it wasn't going to cooperate so we by passed a couple sales and stopped at what looked like a very interesting mix of items. Within 30 minutes the sky opened up. Holy Cow!!! I haven't been in that much steady rain in long time. Luckily for me Susi, the woman holding the yard sale, was very interesting and forthcoming with information about all kinds of things. She and I struck up a conversation that kept me there for over an hour. She not only had things under tents but she also had many, many, wonderful things in a building (what better way to pass away time in the rain than in a building full of the STUFF). After we left Susie's we passed only blue tarped sales - very sad for the folks that put so much time and effort into preparing for the sale. We were in a remote location so we were thrilled to find a FABULOUS restaurant- Moonlight Bistro in Mentone, Alabama - we had a fried catfish sandwiches. After that there was nothing for us to do but drive on home. I have Susie's address logged in my car's GPS for next year ;)

These are my treasures:
An old wooden drawer with old erector set parts. Love, love the wheels. I insisted Susie NOT clean them up. I spent more than I usually would - $20.
This is an old winder thing. It attaches to a bench and spins the spool. Originally it probably wound wire - $10. I just needed it.

This is a silver plated vase - $2. I plan on making a head and torso to fit the top. The spoon is metal ware 25 cents. Next to that are two fishing lures - $1 ea.

These are sooooo cool. They're antique embroidery stamps. The metal is standing on end on the wood stamp and makes a fine line when stamped.

Way cool old clock that could become a head. The face is bright gold is in perfect condition and could be used elsewhere - $1. Old collander - a hat - $1. Cigarette cards - FREE and two more old fishing lures. EUREKA!

I got three old negatives on glass for $2.50 ea. This is a baby in an elaborate wicker carriage.

This was a cool decanter that I could use the head for something else and a hand made, from a tree, wooden box with drawers - looks like an owl that needs a body. The old scraper, well that's yet to be dertermined

I'm a Mess (I know you're surprised)


Cloth Paper Scizzors not only puts out a quality magazine - it has a quality website and associated blogs.

They put a notice in their magazine for their 2012 Artisan Search. Dang if I didn't vasilate between applying and not applying, applying, not applying. They require three submissions for any one category you want to be considered for; Mixed-media Stitch, Art Journaling and Bookmaking, Printmaking and Surface Design, Mixed-media Jewelry, and Collage and Assemblage. If selected your pieces need to be sent to them to be held for one year.

Yikes - one year. I give most of the things I make away. Then, you SHOULD SEE the submissions - a little intimadating

At any rate I haven't been feeling well this past week and didn't get my submission together until this morning and beat feet to get the pictures printed and on to Fed Ex to meet their Monday deadline. The address did not register with me. It was a PO Box and Fed Ex doesn't deliver to PO Boxes. We scrambled to the Post Office but I'm not sure if we made it on time. Lesson learned.

If you're curious, I uploaded my submissions to the Mixed-media Jewelry, Collage and Assemblage and the Journaling and Bookmaking categories under smARTaleck Studios.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Easy Come - Not So Easy Go...

This is a book I made using Alisa Golden's book as a reference.

Borders has been my Go-To book store. I haven't subscribed to magazines because I like to go to the book store, buy my magazine and browse. They're closing ALL of their stores. It's sad to hear of any business that has to close - but I had a special connection with Borders.

I went there today to walk around (it's meditative for me). As I rounded the corner to the Art/Craft/Sewing/Collectibles section I immediately said to the gentleman standing there "it looks like a bomb hit here". He said "you should have seen it yesterday". Disrespectful of a business and it's employees on their way out - not right. That ranks up there with those folks that read magazaines like they're at home and don't put them back where they got them.

Call me crazy, but I wasn't in a hurry so I took some time to straighten up "My" section of Borders. Granted it won't be there for much longer but it should be presentable so folks like me can find an impulse buy in a hurry (I may go back in the morning to straighten up the photography section ;)

Speaking of impulse buys, while straightening up My area I found books I had never seen before. I found, and bought, a book on making wire bugs, a book on cold connections for metal jewelry and a book on button craft (this book was $1.39 for cripes sake - less than the Sunday paper).

Good News! Cloth Paper Scissors is publishing a special issue on art journaling and bookmaking. This is the announcement on their blog... (BTW: I sent a book to them that may be published in this issue).
Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES, our new special issue on art journaling and bookmaking arrives in stores on November 22nd (Yes, that’s technically winter but who’s counting?) This issue is jam packed with great bookbinding, art journaling, lettering, and inspirational articles that will have you running to your studio to grab your supplies.
Wait til you see what I found at the Nation's longest yard sale.