Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother was a Hoot!

It's way past Mother's Day but this was scheduled and in the que Google held on to it.

I hesitated to share this but figured what the heck - any artistic endeavors I share with you came to me through her.

This was the first Mother's Day in 59 years I haven't been able to be with, or in touch with my Mom.

Mother came to live with Chick and I two and a half years before she passed away in December. Within the first week we had her in Chattanooga at a car show...

About a year ago I drove my Mom to Florida to visit with my Aunt Ginger for a few days. While she was there she had my sister cut her hair, spike it and send me this picture via email with the subject "miss you already". She had a great sense of humor.

That's it - I've found that I write my blog content in my head (there's a lot to share) and then my brain considers it "done" and it doesn't make it to Posting.

I'm working on it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

This is the last scheduled post Google held on to. I'll get to current stuff next.

Man - I really did a good job on Humpty. He got a collar, legs, boots and hands. I knew I should have taken a picture before I left the clay studio last week.

This Tuesday Humpty got out of control within the first few minutes of class and broke his legs, feet, shirt collar and one hand (the hand & arm that didn't break will hold flowers picked from the brick wall). I took them off and will fire him naked. It's a good opportunity to go in another direction and attach something mixed media for legs (although I loved his shoes).

So Humpty went on the firing shelf and I made a TEA POT (6" h x 9" long)!

The foam is to support the spout and handle until the clay hardens and they're not in danger of sagging.

I'll post when they're finished (if you're still with me). It may take a little while since clay class doesn't resume until September.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Tool - Compressor and Copic Markers - YA HOO!!

Sorry for the delay in posting - my birthday week turned into three weeks (my husband refuses to extend it another month) and I got lost.

More about my new mini compressor mentioned in my previous post... first, this can be an expense you may not want to add to your tool box but I used a coupon at Dick Blicks and it wound up costing the same as a new pair of pants and knit top on sale - or a new pair of shoes. So you know where my priorities are - I bought the compressor.

My friend Jenny at Impressive Ideas has demonstrated Copic Markers using a compressor. I'm not a big marker person (although I have 20+ Copics and the Copic Spray system) but the compressor intrigued me. Sooo, when my clay pieces were fired and I wanted a certain painted look I thought if I had a compressor I could spray paint them (It was just a matter of time before I found a way to justify a compressor).

Dick Blick's 100th Anniversary just so happened to coincide with my birthday week. I took the whole day to play and spent 3 hours there watching various demonstrations - mostly Beau Raymond (teaches at Roswell Art Center) sculpting a clay head in the likeness of the store manager and Jeff Tyler (teaches at Hobby Lobby) air brushing. Both are awesome artists I would take a class from. That's when I bought my compressor.

During my birthday week I played collage with a friend and we made this Folder Journal using the Jan/Feb Cloth Paper Scizzors article as a guide. It was interesting. Aside from sewing the folder itself - I glued my pieces down - my friend sewed hers down (like the article suggests). They both came out great. After I got mine home it looked a little flat. I took my compressor and Copic Markers and highlighted around the vintage pieces with E34. It really made the items pop. I'm not finished with the folder and may not finish it. The play day with my friend was most important. It was a bonus to discover the techique of using the compressor and E34 to highlight the collaged emphemera.