Monday, February 28, 2011

2 Books using a Repurposed Vinyl Banner

A menswear store that had just closed had tossed out a 4'x8' white vinyl banner with red letters announcing the arrival of a new line of mens underwear (what can be new about mens underwear?). At any rate - I rescued the banner. It appears to be reinforced with threads and is very pliable. I sewed the covers on a sewing machine(piece of cake), glued it and used snaps and rivets.
1st Book: 11"x10"x1"wide: This is the book I take to clay class and insert ideas and instructions. I used all sorts of miscellaneous papers for the signatures. The snaps are strong #20 Tandy snaps.

I couldn't resist including a red vintage Jim Beam stir stick. It's held in by a piece of elastic riveted to the back cover - Fun.

2nd Book: 10"x6 1/2"x1" wide: In addition to using part of the banner, I repurposed a spiral bound paper sample book.

I took out all of my clay sculpting and polymer doll sculpting books, tagged the pages referencing body proportions that I felt would come in hand as a quick reference while at sculpting class, copied and inserted them in this book

This is an unaltered, out of date, paper sample book:

Book closed: In order to get the most out of the banner I cut where I had left off from the previous book. I'll paint or draw something fun later to go with the letter "F".

Inside of front cover - you can see where I slipped the spiral bound book in the front and back covers.

The sample book already had tabs - I wrote the parts of the body on sticker labels and put them over the existing tabs for quick reference.

First page in the section of body proportions. The diagrams were backed by black cardstock then glued in the book.

First Page in section of Head proportions:
The possbilities for this banner are endless!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serendipitous Occurance

Short for - how lucky can I get?

I've been agonizing over making books with no content. I follow a few book maker's websites with envy - not only are their covers a work of art, so is the content.

Yesterday, thru blog-world, I met Annie Bodelier from the Netherlands I'm a visual person and while I don't understand the language, I certainly understand her work. She has a flair for content (if you have a couple of minutes go to Annie's flikr site - you'll be glad you did) and has motivated me to give it a try.

We both follow Alisa Golden's blog Alisa's books "Making Handmade Books" and "Painted Paper" are incredible. They're the kind of books you'll turn to over and over again and discover something new and inspiring. I highly recommend them.

I repurposed a vinyl clothing store banner and a spiral paper sample book into a clay reference book - I'll post pictures tomorrow.

All the best,

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oil Lamp, Napkin Ring and a Blush Brush

My daughter Laura says I have artists ADD. It got the best of me this last week.
I've had this project on my work table for over a year. I assembled and/or sculpted all the parts but didn't move forward because the "belly" required being filled with sand and fish and poured with clear resin. I've never poured resin before and didn't want to ruin the muse - so there it sat (every now and then I'd pick up the box of resin, look at the lamp and put it back down again) - until Thursday.
The muse: a 4" round glass oil lamp bought at a garage sale for $1.00
The title of the piece: Teach a Man to Fish - From the Chinese Proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".
I've been frozen from going forward on any project this last week...too many ideas (clay piece, handmade books, Jewelry, class outline for books and pendant, etc, etc) - I couldn't decide which one to proceed on - so I read a book (4 books actually). Thursday I had had enough reading and before thinking about it too much I took out the casting resin and filled the belly with sand and tumbled stones, positioned the fish where I wanted them (not where they ended up), mixed the casting resin and poured it. I won't hesitate using casting resin again.

This is a peek of the fisherman in process... I'm almost finished with sewing his coat that will get embellishments. His face will get painted (he may get hair, not sure yet). He'll have hands and a fishing rod and will be standing in grass or rocks (not sure yet on this either). He stands approx 7" from his glass feet to the top of his napkin ring hat.

If you've gotten this far - thank you for being interested and staying with this long post. The finished project is in sight - I'll take better pictures and post more this week.
All the best,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a difference a Clayday makes...

I'm still taking classes from Red Weldon-Sandlin at Abernathy Arts Center, Sandy Springs and Herm is on the shelf ready to be fired (see previous post). My next clay project involves a guitar string tuning thing and maybe other guitar parts (not sure yet if I want to part out my little red guitar).

This is Tuesday afternoon:

This is Wednesday before I shut out the lights (face is 4 1/2" high):

This is Thursday at lights out:

I have a long way to go (he needs ears if he's going to listen to music) and it may not look like this when I'm finished. As work progresses the composition will change and sometimes, the title. It's not unusual for the title to come first and the composition second. Yes, I occasionally work in a straight jacket - LOL.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Crown Binding with Atlanta Book Arts Club

I had a blast!! Sunday the group met at my house to make the crown binding (guided by Alisa Golden's book "Making Handmade Books") and paint the inside pages (guided by Alisha Golden's book "Painted Paper") This is my crown binding book in progress - 4 1/4" x 4":

I have to admit I got caught up in the day, having friends over and playing with paper and paint - I forgot to take photos of everyone's FABULOUS book. Hopefully, they'll bring their books next month. I'll take a picture and post it when I do.

This has inspired me to make a book with content (AHHH!) using some of the painting techniques we played with and, with permission from my daughter Laura, using a few of her "internalism" verses - - for content. Laura's intention is to create a painting for each verse - so far she's created a painting for "Sugar Water" in the "In Limbo" section. Here are examples of her internalisms (one from each category)...

In Reflection:
Humanity - Sometimes I forget to write; be it emotional or instructional. Sometimes I forget to cry; on the outside and the inside. But I never forget to feel whether I want to or not.

In Limbo:
Wednesday - Most times my voice is encompassed in the fear of saying too much, too little or too wrong. Just right is as common as receiving flowers for hump day.

In Love:
Fine Tune - When I envision you... you are the perfect sound accompanied by the most awesome light. To draw you would require a tuning fork and an exploding star. Since I have neither, I will have to settle for pictures of you that pale in comparison.

Laura's art emcompasses a variety of media. Painting, drawing, pointillism, web development(she created my website) as well as singing (currently singing locally with the band Evered). She's immensely talented.

Friday, February 11, 2011

On your mark...get ready....

OK - so I'm hosting the Book Arts Club this Sunday at my house.

At this very moment this is what the left, and cleanest, side of my art room looks like (the metal arts work tables). I have a dilemma - clean the house, clean the art room, clean the house, clean the art room.....just kidding there's never a dilemma - cleaning the art room is much more fun.

I found an interesting book for us to make that would include painting paper. I'm real excited about this. The group is diverse in experience - they're thinkers and inventive - it's going to be a blast. As I was pulling out material to make sample books I'd come across a previous project that just needed one more technique before I'd consider it a go forward or go forward to the trash. I'd play with a project and then go back to the book - play with a project - go back to the book. I couldn't put anything away in case I needed it. Life is tough I tell ya - LOL!

I'll post what we come up with on Sunday. Gotta go clean...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Herm - Claymation

This is the second installment of the clay figure I'm making in class. Since it's gender is not definate - it's name is Herm (about 12"-15" tall and will hang on the wall).

I decided to go with nondescript features since it's only an 8 week class and features could take me a lot longer. I need to put a head in a vintage gumball machine - so I'll concentrate on heads during the next class series.

Too much fun!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Polymer Clay Play Date

Talk about happenstance!

8 3/4" tall x 4" wide

Click for a larger view

I've been struggling to make a polymer clay book cover. Last Saturday, as luck would have it, I got an email from the polymer clay artist and author, Barbara McGuire. She, Patricia Dibona and Jan Stephens were having an open house at their new Studio/Gallery called "Woman Creative" in Buford, GA. After the open house Barbara and Patricia kept their studios open for 3 hours so, if we wanted, we could stay and play. Needing some polymer clay instruction, I stayed to play.

First - the studio is awesome. I am so looking forward to going back for classes.
Second - Barbara and Patricia are giving artists. They share everything, holding nothing back.

I started at Barbara's table and never made it to Patricia's (but I need some guidance in collage and will be looking for her upcoming classes).

Barbara set out tubs of emphemera (old music sheets, previously made polymer canes and faces, papers, etc) and let us use anything we wanted in our artwork. We all started out with an unfinished wood plaque.

Supplies I used:
Unfinished wood back, wall paper, previously baked black & white Asian face and bee transfer, previously baked ploymer in green tones - torn in half, mica, old music sheets and liquid polymer clay.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank You - Military Hero Pendant

Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and the men and women trying to keep the peace and keep us safe here at home

Salute: My father was in the Navy, awarded two purple hearts in WWII, My Step Father retired Navy, my husband retired Navy Seabee reserve (29 yrs), my son served 10 years as a Navy Seal, my brother was wounded in Vietnam, I served 6 years in the Navy.

Finished size: From top of helmet to bottom of paper 1 3/4" x 1 1/16".

Supplies: Copper sheet, toy Soldier, 30 g wire, paper, color pencils, metal alphabet punches, iron metalic surface liquid, old book pages.

Process: I stamped "hero" on the copper sheet after cutting and before bending it. Liver of sulpher was used to highlight the word. Random holes were drilled in the top of the metal to thread the very thin wire in and around for the soldier to sit behind. The upper torso of a toy soldier was cut off and painted with Iron Metalic Surface solution - he's adhered to the metal by E6000 glue and a pin coming from underneath and thru the top metal and into the torso. The soldier was a little wider than the depth of the pendant so a heating tool was used to conform the back of the soldier to the pendant. I tore the definition of a hero from an old dictionary. Lightly colored red and white stripes and a blue square on it with color pencil before combining it with other torn pages and burning the edges.