Friday, October 28, 2011

40 Already?

My son's 40th Birthday is today, October 29th. Geeze - can he be that old? CAN I be that old?

Yep and yep.

At 40 he's a successful business man, husband and father of three. We're very proud of the man Michael has become.

I made Michael this sculpture to celebrate his 40th year. The shape resembles the body; Mike is comfortable in who he is - yet is aware of the need to grow. He is an outdoors water and earth guy - so the sculpture was painted a mixture of blue and green. Hemp (earth) is intertwined with plumbing copper mesh wire (a working mans tool) to make a braid that sits in the groove around the top of the sculpture. The copper tags signify milestones in his life; Birth - Small Metal Shamrock, 1971 penny, and tag imprinted with his Name; Military - Tag imprinted with "Seal Team 4" and year he entered the Navy; Marriage and Children - Tag imprinted with the year of his marriage and the year each of his children were born; 40th birthday - 2011 penny.

Approximately 7"h x 7"l x 3.5"w - It's amazing how much can be hidden in a small token of a Mother's pride and joy.

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  1. So very cool! I love this and the "life" charms.