Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Chair Thoughts

Finally! I hit my weight loss goal of 40lbs! It took me a year and a half utilizing the Weight Watchers program - but I did it.

I'm more aware of some odd things... my watch, once snug on my wrist, hangs down 1/2" away from the wrist. Last week I noticed the feeling of the seatbelt in my car against my collar bone. I can feel my butt bone on a wooden chair. I feel light and breezy when I walk. When I clasp my hands together - there's room between my fingers. I'm looking forward to the day when my current weight is normal - not the result of an event.

Losing weight has been a focus of mine for 18 months. I had my weight loss planned out to the week. I was going to reach goal the first week in January 2011. However, since last September I lost my job of 25 years, my Mother of 59 years, my Aunt of 50 years and I had Melanoma removed from my arm.

My "Aha" moment ... what I eat is one of the only things I have complete control over.

Whether or not I lost the weight - it would still be 18 months later. I'm glad I made it a priority NOW. I'm glad I'll be going into my 60's (mid-life for me) without the extra baggage and health risks.

I'm blessed and thankful for my family, friends and a progam that always supported me.

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  1. congratulations, Janet! I'm glad you feel MAH-velous, because you look MAH-velous, too! Way to go.